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Dance Tuition

Prices and Policies

Dance Tuition is:

  • 30-minute class: $500/year. Payable in ten equal monthly payments of $50
  • 45-minute class: $600/year. Payable in ten equal monthly payments of $60
  • 60-minute class: $700/year. Payable in ten equal monthly payments of $70

In addition, there is a registration fee of $50/family (whether there is one child or many). However, if you sign up for the next dance year by recital day, we’ll WAIVE the registration fee.

  • Sign up between June 11th and August 31st and we’ll cut the registration fee in half to $25.
  • Sign up between September 1October 31 and you’ll pay the full $50 fee.
  • If you sign up after October 31st, there is a $25 late fee in addition to the full $50 registration fee.
  • Enrollment for the dance year closes the second week of December.

Multiple class discount:

If you take more than one class (per child or per family), there is a 5% discount on all classes.

Boys – to encourage more boys to dance, we offer a 50% discount on tuition when your boy dancer takes 2 or more classes.

At sign-up, you pay for the first and last month along with the registration fee.
Tuition covers a minimum of 30 weeks of lessons for the full year. All classes are scheduled more than 30 weeks for the year to accommodate for any weather closings, emergencies or class cancellations for any reason; Make-ups for classes will only be scheduled if the year falls below 30 weeks.

There is no tuition proration, refunds, or credits for any classes missed during the year.